Very black and white

1. New business cards! Keeping it very simple.
2. and 3. Two new drawings soon to be burned into silkscreens of my two homes.
4. My desk the other morning looking very black and white.

Bib Giveaway!!

You could win this organic penguin bib!! To enter head on over to my Instagram (@downhomeamy). Contest ends tomorrow, Feb.21st at 7pm (PST).

Back at it.

My shops open again! Thanks for your patience during the closure. This is a lovely drawing my niece did of us. I can’t seem to get enough of her stuff. My fridge is covered with it. I especially love my two pieces of hair and my purple pumps.

Happy Holidays

My shops are now closed for the holidays. They’ll be back open in the new year. Happy Christmas!

Sweet Calla

My niece Calla came to stay with us last week. We managed to take a couple shots of her in some of my new bibs. Pretty adorable house guest.

More snack pouches soon

I’m all sold out of these guys at the moment. I’m just waiting on some fabric and once that arrives they will be back in my shop along with some new organic denim and summer moss ones.

Photo shoot

Thought I would post a couple shots from my photo shoot today. Both my shops are undergoing a little facelift at the moment. I will be listing lots of new designs over the next week. It’s a pretty slow process but I’m really looking forward to it all coming together!

Renegade Craft Fair

We went and checked out all the lovely handmade goods at Renegade Craft Fair this past weekend. It was busy busy but I’m glad I got to see lovely prints by Cactus Club, beautiful vintage textiles by Barrington Blue, and incredible linen mobiles by Hillery Sproatt of Specks and Keepings. The last two photos are of some samples I was working on last week of an organic denim snack pouch and a little custom boat. I picture it hanging on a door of a nursery or children’s room.